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Between Heaven and Hell

Is there any place left where life still goes on separate and idyllic, uncontaminated by modernity? National Book Award winner Shacochis sets out for the hidden mountain kingdom of Mustang.

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Jun 2001
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The City That Democracy Built

Apr 1999
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May 1988
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In Deepest Gringolandia

Mexico: the Third World as tourist theme park.
Jul 1989
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Yesterday’s Revolution

Grenada, Mr. Reagan, and the hangman.

Oct 1987
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The Immaculate Invasion

In Haiti, U.S. troops deploy the illusion of democracy.
Feb 1995
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The Enemies of Imagination

Nov 1995
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Soldiers of Great Fortune

Is America’s military training warriors or humanitarians?

Dec 1999
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Missing Children

One couple’s anguished attempt to conceive.

Oct 1996
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Here the Bear and the Mafia Roam

Kamchatka, east of Siberia. As the curtain rises on the new frontier of adventure outfitting, attendees include your guide (he’s the one with the armored vehicle), the local businessman (he’s the one with the machine gun), the UN environmentalist (he’s the nervous-looking one), and your fellow tourists (they’ll be arriving any moment now). Please enjoy the show.

Dec 1998
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Saving Gorongosa

When Greg Carr decided to help restore the greatest wildlife park in Mozambique, he didn’t just send a check. He traded his suits for shorts and Boston for the savanna. And what he’s accomplished in just four years at Gorongosa is one of the unlikeliest—and most hopeful—stories in Africa.

Jul 2009
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There Must Be a God in Haiti

Beyond the madness, beyond the fatalism he had succumbed to, was a far more complicated and blessed place. A possibly redemptive journey through history’s most battered nation. As close as the Caribbean and a universe away.

Nov 1996
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Code Orange

Best-selling novelist and serial muckraker Carl Hiaasen is mad as hell about what they’re doing to Florida. His revenge? Vicious mockery of Sunshine State sleazeballs and greedy eco-thugs. An equally pissed-off Bob Shacochis tags along for a day of fantasy bonefishing and literary whup-ass.

Aug 2004
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At Home in the Wild

Why base camps make sense.
Mar 2011
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Written in the Big Wind

Sep 1991
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Fear and Loathing in a New Mexico Cabin

Hunkered down in the wilderness, betrothed to a monstrous novel.
Jun 2008