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How Do You Solve a Problem Like MOCA?

In L.A.’s art world, topic one is MOCA: its director, Jeffrey Deitch; the spate of angry departures from its board; founding chairman Eli Broad’s own, new museum; and talk of a merger with U.S.C., or even with arch-rival LACMA.

Mar 2013
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Here’s to the Ladies Who Lunched!

They were the ladies who lunched, when “lunching” was a verb and was—at such shrines as the Colony Club, La Côte Basque, and Le Cirque—impossibly glamorous, hugely entertaining, and utterly without purpose; when Babe Paley, C. Z. Guest, and Jacqueline Onassis ruled the banquettes. Bob Colacello charts the rise and fall of a high-society ritual (no one really ate) and the power klatches that have taken its place.

Feb 2012
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Her Own Kind of Annenberg

It sometimes seems as if Wallis Annenberg is single-handedly funding L.A., with all the community projects, art centers, and medical buildings that bear her name. As she takes charge of the $1.6 billion foundation created by her late media-mogul father, Walter, the author finds the 70-year-old heiress in full bloom.

Oct 2009
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O.K., Lady, Drop the Shawl

In July, dozens of the ultra-thin ultra-rich, including Nan Kempner, Christie Brinkley, and Beth Rudin De Woody, were handed subpoenas by U.S. marshals. Their shahtooshes–exquisite, expensive shawls made from endangered Tibetan antelope–were illegal, they learned. While some socialites surrender their wraps, others are going underground.

Nov 1999
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Charles and Camilla, Together at Last

Long the silent butt of tabloid brickbats, Palace snubs, and popular derision, Camilla Parker Bowles always refused to defend herself. But now, finally married to the man she has loved for 34 years, the new Duchess of Cornwall has allowed friends to speak to the author, who gets an unprecedented look at the hurt and heartbreak, the campaign for acceptance, and the blossoming glamour and philanthropy at Prince Charles’s side.

Nov 2000
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The City of Warring Angels

Three rifts have rocked L.A.’s booming art scene: the breakup of the late Dennis Hopper’s fifth marriage; the divorce of Dodgers executives Jamie and Frank McCourt; and the ongoing rivalry between the town’s great museums, LACMA and MOCA. After a last interview with Hopper—whose retrospective is the controversial debut of MOCA’S new director, Jeffrey Deitch—the author touches base with all the power players, from philanthropic titan Eli Broad to Pop-art prince Ed Ruscha.

Aug 2010
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Ronnie & Nancy Part II

From the “social strategy” by which Nancy Reagan conquered the Georgetown elite to her role in Ronald Reagan’s daring “fireside chat” with Mikhail Gorbachev, part two of this intimate chronicle of the Reagans reveals her as perhaps the most influential First Lady in recent history.

Aug 1998
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Ronnie & Nancy Part I

As Ronald and Nancy Reagan struggle with his Alzheimer’s disease, surviving members of the powerful, wealthy inner circle that propelled them to the White House—which included Alfred and Betsy Bloomingdale, Earle and Marion Jorgensen, William and Betty Wilson, Walter and Lee Annenberg, Holmes Tuttle, and Justin Dart—open diaries and memories for this two-part intimate history. Part one takes the Reagans from a 50s world of ranch outings and potluck picnics to the triumphal $16 million inauguration of 1981.

Jul 1998
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The First of Elvis

Al Wertheimer needed the money, so he took the job: photograph a rising young singer from Memphis. As L.A.’s Grammy Museum kicks off a nine-city traveling exhibition of the historic results, Wertheimer recalls his days of shadowing Elvis Presley in 1956, the year Elvis-mania hit.

Jan 2010
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The Wow of São

From the moment the ambitious Portuguese beauty married an aristocratic French oil-industry tycoon, almost everything São Schlumberger did caused a stir, from her championing of artists such as Andy Warhol and Robert Wilson to her open affairs (one with a much younger Egyptian), to the wildly extravagant, utterly fearless style of her homes and parties.

Sep 2010