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And Then There Was One

Mar 1996
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Hank Acts Like a Man

The true story of a true American optimist whose life began when he decided to stop being such a weenie.
Sep 2001
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Cameron Diaz Loves You

We wouldn’t have published this photograph if it weren’t so reflective of the true nature of our story’s subject. See for yourself.

Mar 2002
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The Man Who Retired

Ten years ago, the King of Late Night went away for good, vanished. The Garbo of American comedy. But now, just one last time, here’s Johnny.

Jun 2002
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The Fall and Rise of Dave Letterman

The whole epic, ugly story of an American giant, worth retelling amidst allegations of extortion surrounding affairs with staffers of The Late Show.

May 2000
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The Heather Graham Story

Some people don’t care much for Heather Graham but I think that they are nuts!

Apr 2000
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The Confessions of Bob Greene

How far can a man fall? Imagine very far—and then, in the case of this man, keep going.

Apr 2003
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How Leno Won. Again.

An esteemed Latenight-ologist on why NBC always knifes its beloved talk show hosts—and a never-before-seen note Leno once sent to Johnny Carson about it.
Dec 2008
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King Mike and the Quest for the Broadway Grail

In “Spamalot,” Mike Nichols and Eric Idle bring Monty Python to the stage. How do you set decapitated knights and flying cows to music?

May 2005