The Coast is Clear

Oregon’s best little beach town is wild, windy, and hundreds of miles from the nearest bikini. Welcome to Bandon. Where nothing ever happens.

Sep 2012

The Cerebral Jongleur

An algebra whiz reveals the secrets of keeping a lot of balls in the air.

Dec 2004

Strange Paradise

Panama has pristine jungles, a nascent ecotourism industry—and the dark allure of a Graham Greene novel.

Jan 2009

The Land of the Setting Sun

For the folks living it up in the nation’s first seniors-only community, Sun City is the perfect epilogue to the American Dream.

Nov 2002

The Boys from Brazil

Why American rodeos are taking on a Latin flair.

Mar 2010

Beauty and the Badlands

In a state where George Bush sees oil, Teddy Roosevelt found immensity and mystery.

Mar 2002

Scratching the Surface

Long after everyone else has traded skis for mountain bikes, fair-weather skiers glide out in search of the perfect crust.
Jan 2012

Shanghai by Bike

Dodging cars as China drives toward development.
Sep 2006

Digging for Giants

To protect its habitat, William Fender must first prove that Oregon’s largest earthworm still exists.
Mar 2003


J.D. Salinger has met his institutional doppelgänger.

Nov 1998

The Colonel and the Bomb

Can a forty-year-old lost Cold War relic be brought to life?

Jul 2001

Bad Dirt

The author of “Peyton Place” implicated her neighbors in many sins. Now, they’re returning the favor.

Apr 1999

Day of the Jackal

A young punk who lives on the streets of Los Angeles tried to make his mark during the WTO protests in Seattle.

Dec 1999

Byte, Byte, against the Dying of the Light

A new senior-care facility e-monitors every move.

May 2001

The Long Way Home

When Karl Bushby set out to hike 36,000 miles across four continents, he vowed he would only return to his native England on foot. Which could be a real problem if he ever wants to get there.

Sep 2012

The Maestro

With waving arms and an iron grip, Carlos Kalmar conducts the Oregon Symphony. But can he lead it into a new era?

Aug 2009

The Haida Life

Learning the old ways from southeast Alaska’s native people.

Apr 2004

Black Copters over Oregon

When President Bush visited rural Oregon to tout his Healthy Forest Initiative, huge fires suddenly broke out—and a lot of people in the small town of Sisters think he dropped the match.

Sep 2003

Floggin Genghis Kahn

Mongolia revives its strongman. Will the hordes follow?
Sep 2010

Hail Mary

Chastity fashion, paintball theology, golf-course mansions, and a Vatican-approved college: Domino’s pizza billionaire Tom Monaghan builds a city on a swamp.

Mar 2007
By Exclusive

The Secret World of Saints

The journey to canonization, the Catholic Church’s most mysterious tradition, complete with stigmata, self-mortification, and, of course, miracles.

Wonder Boy

The unusual custody battle over the world’s youngest marathon runner, four-year-old Budhia Singh.

Aug 2008

On with the Snow

A season of cross-country ski racing.

Feb 2011

Life in Limbostan

Hundreds of Africans have lately tried to climb over the border fence separating Ceuta, a Spanish outpost in Africa, from Morocco. This 2003 article describes how, stranded in Ceuta, illegal immigrants from around the globe await the blessing of expulsion.
Sep 2003