The Naughty List

Tales of scandal and vice from Margaret Atwood, James Ellroy, Tony Horwitz, and others.
13 stories

Children strive to make The Nice List, but grownups know there's virtue in a little vice now and then.

The Man Who Shot Santa Claus

An out-of-luck journalist. A past-his-prime killer. Unwrap all the angles and you just might discover who’s been naughty and who can afford to be nice.

Dec 2010
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Rob Lowe’s Girl Trouble

Sex, lesbians, litigation and videotape: A trip to the Democratic National Convention in Atlanta, Georgia, leads Rob Lowe to a party he will never forget. A portrait of the squeaky-clean actor as a young dog, and the legal firestorm that almost ruined his career.

Aug 1989

My Life as a Very Naughty Boy

Writer Joel Stein sets out to expand his horizons—or at least pick up a trick or two—in the city’s erogenous zones.
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Choke Collar

In episode two of the serial Positron, Stan and Charmaine discover that when you surrender your autonomy, you can become anyone’s slave, both in bed and out.

Full Moon Rising

The unlikely exhibitionism of Dennis Franz.

Jul 1995
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Unlikely Obsession

Confronting a taboo.

Feb 1996

Can I Beat a Lie Detector?

I always tell the truth. But not today.

Jan 2005

A Disciplined Business

The creation of online pornography is becoming more acceptable, more rarefied and more challenging financially. That’s enough to turn on Peter Acworth.

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How’d Ya Do in Your Orals?

The latest craze for Hollywood wives is a hands-on course on how to be a great love.

Mar 2000

That Girl

Liz Phair has smarts, great songs and some very frank ideas about sex.

Oct 1994
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The bestselling Ellroy is as artfully depraved as ever in this randy work of fiction about Freddy Otash, the man who whetted our national appetite for sex and scandal in the pages of Confidential.

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Over the Edge

An oral history of the greatest teen rebellion movie of all time.

Sep 2012
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We’re Number 2!

The U.S. vice presidency has been filled by a rogues gallery of mediocrities, criminals and even corpses.