The High Life

From Oaksterdam University to Amsterdam coffee houses, stories of the ever-growing marijuana industry.
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Living with Medical Marijuana

Supporters of California’s controversial medical marijuana law argue that access to the plant ought to be a right for patients seeking relief from pain and nausea. Meanwhile, others have predicted no less than “legal anarchy” if Prop 215 passes. So which is it?

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How Pot Has Grown

Is the War on Drugs responsible for America’s budding marijuana industry?

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The High Life and Strange Times of the Pope of Pot

A pioneer of marijuana delivery service in New York City, Mickey the Pope had an 800 number and a corps of bicycle messengers covered by a company dental plan. Everything was blissful at the Church of Realized Fantasies—until fame came calling, in the form of radio shock jock Howard Stern.

Jun 1991

Medical Pot and the Iraq Veteran

We’re back from the war. We can’t sleep. We’re getting divorced. If marijuana is good for post-traumatic stress, who are we to deny its medicinal properties?

Sep 2007

Grass Roots

The battle to keep big pot-growing operations from cropping up in our local mountains.