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From Mao to Wow!

Just as many of New York City’s most iconic landmarks rose in breathtakingly brief succession a century ago, Beijing has been re-inventing itself since 2001 with a rush of showstopping buildings by internationally renowned architects.

Aug 2008

The Tower Builder

Why did the World Trade Center buildings fall down when they did?

Nov 2001

The Death of the Library Book

Cambridge has a gleaming new main building, but something’s missing—and closing local branches won’t help.

Mar 2010

A House That Was the Ladies’ Parlor for a Church

Set back from President Street in Carroll Gardens is a small Romanesque Revival building that gets a lot of attention from Brooklynites.

The Cabin of My Dreams

Ever fantasized about building a restful escape, with your bare hands, in some untrammeled back of beyond—and it all coming together just as you’d planned? Moron.

Oct 2008
By Exclusive

Death of a Building

Can a home be reincarnated?

Mar 2007

Cathedrals of the Iron Horse, Awesome Again

Grand train stations are being refurbished all around the world, bringing back old-style glamour.

A Trove of Salvage Unsalvaged Spawns a Mess of Lawsuits

On architecture, grand larceny, and the First Amendment.

Big Sponge on Campus

Simmons Hall’s revolutionary architecture is part of MIT’s new face.

The Lost World of Nigeria

The Eredo once formed a boundary between the real and spirit worlds, and could easily contain Manhattan. Frank Bures goes in search of one of the planet’s forgotten architectural wonders.

Jul 2007

Prophet of Bloom

The future of manufacturing will be built on industrial-strength ecology, says architect William McDonough. The first step: Turn Ford’s legendary River Rouge plant into a lean, green profit machine.

Feb 2002

Who Chooses History?

The National Park Service has decided that L.A. architect Richard Neutra’s landmark Cyclorama Center—which has stood at the Gettysburg battlefield for more than 40 years—now detracts from the historic nature of the site.

Unfinished Business

Jørn Utzon returns to the Sydney Opera House.

Oct 2005

Time Capsule

The impending demolition of Kisho Kurokawa’s Capsule Tower strikes a nostalgic nerve in writer Tom Vanderbilt, who travels to Tokyo for a look at a future that never was.

May 2008

Dresden’s Crowning Glory

Sixty years after it was reduced to rubble by Allied bombing, the reconstructed Baroque Frauenkirche, or Church of Our Lady, once again dominates the historic city’s skyline.

Talking about a Revolution

Once a world’s fair folly, the revolving restaurant took over the country and then the world, becoming a gently turning symbol of optimism and progress.

Aug 1998

House on Haunted Hill

Natural disasters. Neglectful owners. Hand grenades. Frank Lloyd Wright’s Los Angeles masterpiece has been under siege for 81 years. Now it’s being saved.

A City on a Hill

The new Getty Center is a triumph of nineteenth-century ambition.

Sep 1997

Small Worlds

The world’s most impressive 3-D models.

Sep 2006

An Empire’s Last Stand

Britain’s imperial obligations.

Nov 1980

Stronger than Steel

Next week Three Rivers Stadium is being blown up. But it will live on as a testament to those four Super Bowls the Steelers won a generation ago, and to all the things Pittsburgh still wants to be.

Cold Rush

Long hours. Subfreezing winds. Months of absolute darkness. Welcome to the South Pole, where the coolest science outpost on earth is being built atop 9,000 feet of solid ice.

Jul 2002

I Know I Want to Do Something

Once dismissed as the tinkerings of an obsessive recluse, Sam Rodia's Watts Towers have become one of Los Angeles' most enduring artistic monuments.

May 1965