Season's Readings

(Mostly) merry Christmas tales from Paul Theroux, Maile Meloy, Gary Shteyngart, Caroline Alexander, and others.
11 stories

A St. Petersburg Christmas

Returning for the holidays to the city of his birth, Gary Shteyngart finds a town in thrall to new money and old traditions, covered in ice and snow—and well lubricated with vodka.
Dec 2005

Merry Christmas Island

Then what to my wondering eyes should appear, but an odd little atoll and great birds with no fear. A slightly unusual holiday in the far Pacific.

Dec 1998

A Christmas Chronicle

How I learned the secret of Santa Claus’ annual visit.

Dec 2005

Down on the Christmas Tree Farm

A break from life in the East Village finds family and holiday spirit, intertwined as ever, in America’s heartland.

The Luckiest Horse in Reno

A Christmas Story.

The Gift behind the Gift

Opening presents is all well and good, but it’s the anticipation and promise of Christmas Eve that makes the holiday truly magical.

Home for the Holidays

She’ll be home for Christmas—you can count on that. But whose home? Her mother’s? Her father’s? Her stepmother’s? Her grandparents’? Her boyfriend’s? The author confronts the now-classic holiday question.

By Editors Recommend

Honolulu Hotel Stories

Hearts of Palm.

Mar 2000

Fishing for Coyotes

Dec 1979
By Exclusive

A Pilgrim’s Search for Relics of the Once and Future King

Ancient stones and much-loved stories yield both hints and guesses about Arthur and his Camelot.

The Playhouse

My mother, at home.

Dec 2006