MTV at 30

As the music television network celebrates three decades, some high notes.
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Birth of an MTV Nation

Today, with more than 340 million viewers worldwide, MTV is a cultural phenomenon. But in 1981, when the first 24-hour music channel was started, no one was interested—except the kids.

Nov 2000

Rocking in Shangri-La

Not only has MTV redefined American popular culture but it has created an evolutionary corporate culture, where the real power brokers are those who are “in the demo”—employees under the age of twenty-five.

Oct 1994
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The King of Pain

Johnny Knoxville went from cheerful slacker to MTV’s hottest new star when he discovered a simple principle: It’s not funny until someone gets hurt.

Feb 2001

The Lure of the Jersey Shore

What has made America fall in love with the Côte Crass?

Jun 2010
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Barbarians at the Shore

As home to America’s id, New Jersey’s pop-culture landscape has mutated, peaking with The Sopranos, then regressing into the Reality TV mud of Real Housewives and Jersey Shore. With Boardwalk Empire, HBO reaches further back, into the state’s proud, bullet-laced past.

Oct 2010
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Run for the Hills

MTV’s heightened reality spinoff, The City, is coming to New York, giving a new collection of young, beautiful people the chance to become the next collection of young, beautiful things.

Dec 2008

Raising a Jackass

If your TV-star-and-pro-skateboarding son let an alligator loose in your kitchen and set off fireworks in your house, you’d probably have him committed. But not West Chester’s April and Phil Margera.

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Stubbly Daly Goes Nightly