In the Clearing Stands a Boxer

Prizefights, heavyweights, and center rings—stories on the sweet science.
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Mike Tyson Moves to the Suburbs

In which the ex-world champion learns to love the boring life.

The Contender

But for one youthful mistake, Jesus Chavez could be the super featherweight champion of the world. Instead, he’s facing a heavyweight challenge: how to get back in the ring and redeem himself.

Apr 1998

My Last Fight

Retiring from the life of a brawler.

Requiem for an Unknown Heavyweight

Hoping to raise money for his mother’s funeral, Bradley Rone died in a lackluster fight for a small purse in front of a meager crowd. He was, sad to say, in his element.

The Unsolicited Symbolism of Amir Khan

British, Pakistani, Muslim—how fans from Islamabad to London to New York process the champion boxer.

Jul 2012

Grudge Match—Tyson vs. King

The former heavyweight champion of the world and the world’s most notorious boxing promoter are battling in court over millions of dollars.

Jan 2004
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My Career as a Boxer

Lifetime record: 1–4.
Feb 2007

Sporting Mayor at Boxing Bouts

T.L. Church, after impressive entrance, registers bows right and left, waves to his pals; sits in a ringside seat, shaking hands, and never sees the fights.

Mar 1920


From Houston to Hollywood, everyone wants a piece of heavyweight boxing champion George Foreman. Fortunately, there’s enough of him to go around.

Feb 1995

Going the Distance

As women’s boxing makes its long-awaited debut at the Olympics, all eyes are on Marlen Esparza, America’s best hope for the gold.

Jul 2012

Kid Gloves

Growing up in Wichita Falls, I was a skinny kid with buckteeth and an inconveniently feminine first name. So I did what I could to work out the anger and fear in my head: I learned how to box. But not very well.

Mar 2002

Sucker, Punched

After moving from Boulder, Colorado, to New York City, our boy was in desperate need of a new fitness plan. Then he discovered boxing—which worked great, until it came time to start getting hit.
Feb 2010

A Heavy Weight

Before he was convicted of rape and hauled off to prison in 1983, Tony Ayala was one of pro boxing’s most prominent stars.

Jan 2000

Prizefight Women

Toronto women who went to the prize fights applaud the rough stuff. They went ostensibly to see Mr. Carpentier, but they liked the knockout bouts and stayed after the champion left.
May 1920

Carpentier Sure to Give Dempsey Fight Worth While

Champions are always looked upon as best fighter ever, and that is why Jack Dempsey is called by so many to defeat the clever Frenchman.

Oct 1920

God in His Corner

Dmitriy Salita is an Orthodox Jew and a professional fighter. Which raises a question of Talmudic complexity: Can a man who pummels people for a living be holy?

Jul 2006