Baby, It's Damn Cold Outside

Bone-chilling tales by Hampton Sides, Barry Lopez, Sara Corbett, Simon Winchester, and others.
18 stories
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As Freezing Persons Recollect the Snow—First Chill—Then Stupor—Then the Letting Go

The cold hard facts of freezing to death.

Jan 1997
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Arctic Dreams & Nightmares

With only a headlamp and the mid-February moon to light the way, Mike Horn treks across pack ice on the Arctic Ocean. He and teammate Børge Ousland were pursuing a shared vision: to ski to the Pole in the dead of winter. Not long after, a third adventurer—stranded, frantic, and alone—sat atop a shrinking ice floe facing death.

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I’m Lost in a Blizzard, Let’s Do Lunch

When stranded in the back country near Aspen, the question isn’t whether you’ll live, but whether you’ll make it out alive.

Jun 1993

1,000 Days in the Ice

Norway’s Fridtjof Nansen was a pioneer of polar exploration.

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Farthest North

From the author of the bestselling adventure tale The Darkest Jungle, the incredible, little-known story of America’s first great Arctic expedition.

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Skinny Guys Are the First to Freeze

Saltwater freezes at 28 degrees. Says one four-season water rat, "Swimming here is like beating yourself over the head with a hammer. It feels really good when it's done."

Jul 1998

Cold Rush

Long hours. Subfreezing winds. Months of absolute darkness. Welcome to the South Pole, where the coolest science outpost on earth is being built atop 9,000 feet of solid ice.

Jul 2002

Stone Cold Ascent

In the dead of winter at the bottom of the world, four climbers race storms up an unforgiving mountain.

A Winter’s Tale

Braving the snow and cold, the author enjoys the luxury winter lodge experience in Montana.

Dec 2009


Otherworldly beautiful, the lands of perpetually frozen earth reveal the delicate rhythms of the planet. But will permafrost stay permanent?

The Blue Norther

Greetings from the Arctic.

Nov 1982
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The lures of the Southern Ocean are few. Seven-story avalanches of frigid sea. Blinding squalls of snow. Hull-peeling icebergs. There’s little sane reason to sail this territory, unless you’re a sportsman looking to shatter the round-the-world record—or are assigned to rescuing someone who foolishly thought he could.

Jan 1998

Shades of Greenland

The appeals of a cursed place.

Nov 1979

Chronicles of Ice

A meditation on the shrinking world embodied in the soul of a glacier.

Nov 2004

The Killing Peak

K2, the world’s second-highest summit, is the true climber’s mountain, more challenging and dangerous than Everest—as the world learned when 11 climbers perished within a span of 30 hours. The inside story of what went wrong.

Oct 2008
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Something Sweet and Wild

Unconditional love is so strange to those of us who aren’t used to it.

Jan 1992

Yes, It Is a Lovely Morning. Now Why Don’t You Just Go to Hell.

Drop 28 virtual strangers at the South Pole. Blend in eight months of mind-numbing darkness. Fold into extremely close quarters. Add a pinch of dysfunction. Stir.

Feb 1998

Bottom’s Up

What happens when a fleet of millionaires descends on the innocent shores of Antarctica to celebrate the millennium?

Jan 2000