A Mother's Load

A woman's choice and its challenges.
13 stories
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On Balance

Mar 2006
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The Perfect Equality of Our Separate Chosen Paths

Becoming a mother. Or not.

Aug 2002
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The Opt-Out Revolution

Why do so many high-achieving mothers step off the fast track?

All Joy and No Fun

Why parents hate parenting.

Jul 2010

“I’m Not What’s Best for My Baby”

With a budding law career, a new home, and a doting husband, Julia was ready for motherhood. Nina Burleigh investigates the circumstances that caused a soon-to-be parent to give up her child.

Jan 2012
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Mom vs. Mom

Why stay-at-home and working mothers are turning on each other.

Aug 1989
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Stage Motherhood

My son, the star.

Mar 2007

Boys! Give Me Boys!

Before I had children, I said to myself: “Better boys than girls. Boys are easy.” But raising three young sons is wilder than I could ever have imagined.

May 2005

A Son’s Debt to His Mother

The power of parenthood.

May 2010
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Can Mothers Think?

A postmodern paradox of motherhood, literature, and artistic vision—what could it all mean for a pregnant, feminist writer?

Jan 1993

Mother of the Year

Dec 2004
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He Came. He Saw. He Cleaned.

Stacy Lewis has one husband, three kids, and 104 sixth-graders to take care of. And for five whole days, she had a “wife” to take care of her.

May 2000

Her Morning Shift

Meredith Vieira rejected the high-powered world of TV news 15 years ago to spend more time with her family. Then she has landed one of the most coveted jobs in television journalism on her own terms.