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Sex, Lists, and Videotape

By the time Alexis Wright was arrested, plenty of people around Kennebunk, Maine, had already heard all about the “Zumba Madam” and her amateur porn movies. What they were shocked to discover, though, was how many of their neighbors turned out to be her costars.

Jan 2013
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Pregnant Pause?

Striking numbers of expectant mothers—professional, educated, and informed—are deciding that there’s nothing wrong with the occasional drink of alcohol. New studies suggest that they may be right, but the medical establishment is hardly convinced. So are these moms-to-be valiantly pushing back against political correctness gone awry, or are they simply part of a new generation of entitled narcissists, unwilling to sacrifice even for the health of their babies?
Dec 2012
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Fast Times at Marina Bay?

The O’Connell family rose from nothing to become one of the state’s most powerful developers, putting up mega-projects like Marina Bay in Quincy and the Seaport World Trade Center. But with one family member charged in the shooting of an off-duty firefighter and another accused of drug trafficking and repeatedly having sex with a 14-year-old girl, their protected world of wealth and privilege has begun to crumble.
Oct 2011