Ashley Judd’s Love Trip

A few years ago, Ashley Judd hit bottom. Overwhelmed by emotional issues, she checked herself into a rehabilitation center. Today, the honesty and spiritual strength she found in herself are fueling her passion for helping others all over the world.

Nov 2007

Changers, Book One: Drew

Ethan eagerly awaited his first day of high school—until he woke up in a female body. An excerpt from Changers, a new young adult series written by T Cooper and Allison Glock-Cooper about a race of humans who become a different person each year of high school.

Feb 2014
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Jocks Are Lousy Lovers

Once they’re out of those snug uniforms, athletes are about as satisfying as a bowl of arugula. Trust me. I’ve eaten a lot of salad.

Feb 1995
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Redneck Lust

A redneck can fix a toilet, blow the head off a pesky snake or change a fan belt in no time flat. What more could a girl want?

Dec 1995
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How’d Ya Do in Your Orals?

The latest craze for Hollywood wives is a hands-on course on how to be a great love.

Mar 2000

Aching for Aiken

How did a baby-faced, jug-eared special ed teacher—and American Idol runner-up—become the fantasy fodder of women everywhere?

Sep 2003

Surfer to Savior

The making of a teen-angst guru in the Age of MySpace.

Dec 2009

The Body and Soul of Jessica Alba

She’s too sweet to be the bad girl, too hot to be the girl next door. Meet the 21st-century pinup.
Jun 2005

Our Own Dolly Lama

Dolly Parton in profile.
Sep 2012

Three Babies in One Year?

Between Octomom and the Duggars, you think you’ve heard every extreme baby-making story there is. But Lauren and Joe Kamnik are as nice and normal as they come—with a tale you won’t believe.

Aug 2010

Spare Change

The PBA wants a new image. Will bowlers like Patrick Allen get left behind?

Mar 2004
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Your body is your fate, and when you’re six feet five, 315 pounds, people expect you to do something with it. So Phil Pfister became the strongest man in America.

Nov 2001

A Match Made in Heaven

Born-again wrestling legend Ted DiBiase is saving souls. One smackdown at a time.

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Natural Born Killer

John Drew has two kids, one master’s degree, and a deep-seated purpose in life: to hunt down wild pigs and destroy them.

Apr 2007
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Out of the Lord’s Closet

Kirk Talley was known as Mr. Gospel Music, but even a man who walks with the lord can be haunted by the temptations of the flesh.

Aug 2005
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Man Overboard

A year ago Spalding Gray stepped to the edge of a bridge and nearly took his own life. Now he is struggling to recover the one thing that made him famous—his mind.

Oct 2003
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Butt Heads

As the cigar trend blankets Los Angeles, a new generation of smokers comes out to pose and play.

Nov 1996

Nick Lachey, King of Pain

Nick and Jessica were America’s 21st Century sweethearts. But when the cameras stopped rolling, the reluctant star was left all by himself.

May 2006

At the Corner of Love and Basketball

A star-crossed relationship unravels in a crime of passion.

Harrison Ford and the (Truly) Last Crusade

What part of Indiana Jones is, undeniably, Harrison Ford? It’s the part that knows, in the final reckoning, that it’s every man for himself.
Jun 2008
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Hot out of the Box

Carl Edwards has just what Nascar wants: looks, smarts and charm. It doesn’t hurt that he can also drive.

The Unlikely Ambassador of Bluegrass

Thanks to celebrity banjo picker Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers, old-time bluegrass is the hot new thing.

Feb 2011

Over Here

Sure, David Beckham went from premier league prodigy to global pop star, but can he make soccer matter in America?

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Made You Look

These lipsticked lilliputians are the hard-bodied, hard-core national-champion cheerleaders from the University of Louisville. They are tougher than the jocks they cheer. And a lot more fun to watch.

Jun 1998