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The First 25 Years

Mother Jones’ founders envisioned a magazine devoted to a new brand of socially conscious journalism—one that took on corporate as well as political power. Twenty-five years later, that mission remains as timely as ever.

May 2001
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The War That Didn’t End War and Its Unending Successors

May 2011
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Blood and Treasure

Why one of the world’s richest countries is also one of its poorest.

Mar 2010
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Against All Odds

The first great human-rights campaign—the movement to end slavery in the British Empire—had no business succeeding. But the legacy of its extraordinary achievement lives on today.

Jan 2004
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Lost and Found

Exploring the legacy of Stanley and Livingstone.

Jun 2003
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English Abolition: The Movie

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The Brick Master of Kerala

Laurie Baker is fighting India’s rush to resemble the West by making beautiful buildings out of sustainable materials—recycled bottles, clamshells, and mud.

Jul 2000
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Slow Scan to Moscow

Jun 1986
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Rape of the Congo

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The Trial of Thomas Lubanga

For years, the Congolese warlord Thomas Lubanga allegedly sanctioned massacres, pressed children into military service, and institutionalized mass rape. Now he is the first defendant being tried by the recently created International Criminal Court, seated in Holland. His trial is seen as a major landmark by Western human-rights activists, and it is being publicized extensively in Congo, where the fog of war still lingers. What do the Congolese make of Lubanga’s trial? Will it deter other would-be war criminals? Is justice even possible for the most heinous of crimes?

Dec 2009