Byliner is a subscription reading service and digital publisher designed to make it easy for you to find your next read. We combine great stories by the world's best writers with a flexible reading experience.

We publish award-winning original nonfiction and fiction, written to be read in two hours or less. Bestsellers include Amy Tan’s Rules for Virgins, Margaret Atwood’s Positron, Jon Krakauer’s Three Cups of Deceit, Ann Patchett’s The Getaway Car, Nick Hornby’s Everyone’s Reading Bastard, Richard Russo’s Nate in Venice, and Chuck Palahniuk’s Phoenix. Our library also includes thousands of great nonfiction and fiction stories by the best writers, including short stories, classics, and rarely seen and exclusive works. You will find authors such as Calvin Trillin, Jane Smiley, Paul Theroux, Susan Orlean, and Sebastian Junger, along with stories from top publications across a wide variety of topics and interests.

We're based in San Francisco's SOMA neighborhood.

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