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Confessions & Confidences: On Writing Memoir

with Elizabeth Kaye

"Byliner: You have spent the majority of your career as a writer profiling and writing about other people. What made you decide to shift to writing about yourself? / Elizabeth Kaye: I decided to write about myself simply because I’d written so much about others. I had always regarded writing a profile akin to apprehending and solving an intricate jigsaw puzzle. . . ." [Read More]

Island at the Far Corner of the World

By Brendan Donley

I’m in the middle of Australia’s sunniest city on a day with no clouds, feeling water drops splash onto my ankle. Up ahead of me, a man with white ocher painted on his chest and arms yells into a megaphone for probably the hundredth time: Always was, always will be, Aboriginal land!  Things suddenly get quiet behind him, and he turns around. . ." [Read More]

Confessions & Confidences: On Inspiration

with Madison Smartt Bell

"Byliner: Your Byliner title, Soul in a Bottle, is drawn from your journals during your extensive travels to Haiti as you were writing your trilogy of novels about the Haitian Revolution. Where did your initial interest in this country and culture come from? / MSB: Well, in fact quite a lot of the book was written on assignment from The New Yorker, though never published there.  But they did pay my way to Haiti. . . " [Read More]

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The Rise of the Bourgeois Paradise

by Meghan Daum 

"One recent morning, I was sitting at my desk in my home in Los Angeles when the telephone rang. The display on the caller ID said Sandra Bernhard and indicated a number in the greater LA metro area. I took in a minor gasp. The actress/comedienne Sandra Bernhard. . ." [Read More]

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Important Things

by Roxane Gay

"Important Things to Know About Loose Women
Who a Loose Woman Looks Up To
Never her mother. She is trying to kill her mother or at least, those parts of her mother lurking beneath her skin. When she spreads her legs she hopes the distance between her and her mother will gape. . ."  [Read More]  

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Forbidden Island 

by Tad Friend

"Though it has the obligatory colonial armoires and brass firemen's helmets, the Museum of the City of Havana's chief attraction is an ambience, a moody magical realism. Downstairs, in the courtyard of this former Spanish colonial palace where royal palm trees rocket above sinuous, barroco-style columns, lies the magic . . ." [Read More]

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Fear Itself

by Sebastian Junger 

"Several years ago, in Sierra Leone, a rebel group calling itself the Revolutionary United Front launched an offensive that overran most of the country in a matter of days. The RUF was backed by Charles Taylor's rogue government in Liberia . ." [Read More]  


The Runaway Doctor 

by Buzz Bissinger

"His hair is longer than it was in his former life, the life he left behind like a snake shedding its skin. A yellow bandanna wraps around his forehead, and reflective dark glasses cover his eyes. . . " [Read More]