The stories that matter

Byliner celebrates edgy, smart, modern journalism, and the diversity of thought from today’s most brilliant writers. In-depth reportage, criticism, and new voices that rise outside of the mainstream have long been instrumental in shaping ideas. But issues are deep and tangled, it’s noisy out there, and there’s always that listicle waiting to be read. So Byliner is longform journalism in a shortform world. Here is narrative’s new home.

We’re feeling ourselves

We can’t help it, we've done some pretty cool stuff.  Founded in 2011, Byliner was hailed for its innovation, and along the way we've been the incubator for incredible literary fiction, had #1 New York Times bestselling e-singles, and published some of the best nonfiction of the last decade. But as all writers can attest, stories often go in unexpected directions, and our own narrative has taken some interesting turns. This is the beginning of Byliner’s new chapter as an imprint of Pronoun—publishing urgent, necessary journalism for the present day. 

Two flints make a fire

It takes more than two though, really. Our team is a collection of publishing veterans, media entrepreneurs, designers, data scientists, and of course, our authors.  Together, we’re  bringing to light the stories that are bold, risky, and essential to the cultural conversation.